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Shaku Atre

Shaku Atre, President Atre, Inc., Former Partner PWC, Various Positions IBM World Trade for 14 years. Has Masters of Science, Suma cum Laude, in Statistics, University of Poona, India; Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies, to University of Heidelberg, Germany, Applied Mathematics, Thesis in Astronomy.

Jean Bigras

I ran the technology department of Atre Net, Inc. In Canada a number of years. As a result, I developed various marketing plans with help of websites of a number of outstanding Silicon Valley customers of Atre Net, Inc. in the early years of growth of the HighTech. It has been my privilege to work with database issues with Ms. Shaku Atre. I am delighted to be on the management team of Atre Group.

Asif Sayyed

Asif Sayyed is in charge of personnel issues including finances. His skills lie in dealing with any logistics whether easy to resolve or almost impossible to handle.

Our Advisory Board

Nobby Akiha

SVP Marketing, Actuate, Helped to sell the company to Open Text Corporation, Canada; VP Marketing, Inference; Master of Science in Management, Marketing/ MIT School of Management, Marketing, Marketing Management.

What are users saying?

Kishori Prasad

Board member of Swadhar IDWC, Freelance advisor for corp. org.

I have used the apps created by Atre Group, User friendliness and ease of use have impressed me the most. The apps supplied me information as the developers had promised. ‘Why Panic Now’ app can assist me in case of an emergency. ‘My Community Friends’ app which is still under development, has already made friends in my neighbourhood. “CurePill” app is going to help me as a reminder when I have to take my pill’s From time to time I do forget an important one.
I highly recommend all these Android-based apps to everyone with a smartphone

Susan Cooper